About Us

About Us

Delancey Funeral Home’s story began many years ago in Lepanto, Arkansas. J.E. Murphy, Sr., ran a hardware store in Lepanto. During the flu epidemic of 1918, so many lives were lost that he ordered pre-built caskets that were sent by rail. As the caskets came in, people would come to the railway station and sign a tablet indicating how many caskets they received. From this humble beginning, Murphy Funeral Home has grown from visitation in the hardware store and homes, to a complete full service funeral home in Lepanto, Arkansas. The building, which is still in use today, was completed in 1967.

In time, Murphy Funeral Home established a second location in Marked Tree, Arkansas, eventually moving into the Hancock house. In 1976 Murphy Funeral Home's new building was completed in Marked Tree. The funeral home is three generations old, and is still going strong serving the communities and will be for years to come. Murphy Funeral Homes were established to serve to our communities and all of Northeast Arkansas striving to do the very best for all your funeral needs.

Jack Foote  dedicated 72 years working for Murphy Funeral Home.  He then continued working for Delancey-Murphy Funeral Home in 2018.  Jack went to be with the Lord on July 4, 2018.  He was our go to guy and our rock.  He knew everything about everybody from where they were buried to dates of their funerals.  There's not to much Mr. Jack Foote didn't know.  He was a great asset to our business and community.  He will never be forgotten and he is truly missed.  His wife, Sadie and their two daughters hold a very dear place in our hearts.

Kara Delancey Freeman joined Murphy Funeral Home in April 14, 2014 as Office Manager.  December 17, 2015, Greg Delancey took over the day to day operations of the funeral homes. Greg has thirty years of experience in the funeral industry and he believes everyone deserves to have their life honored with a funeral service.

On January 9, 2018, Greg Delancey, wife Lesa Delancey, daughter, Kara Delancey Freeman and son, Evan Delancey became owners of Delancey-Murphy Funeral Home in Lepanto and Marked Tree.

Greg and Lesa have been married for 35 years. Greg graduated from Mid-America College of Mortuary Science in Jeffersonville, Indiana in 1988.  Lesa has taken the position as the Office Manager at the Marked Tree location. She is a 2004 graduate from ANC with her Associates of Arts. Kara is married to Edward (Lulu) Freeman, and they have 1 son,  Eli.  Kara is General Manager of Delancey-Murphy Funeral Home.  She is a licensed Funeral Director and licensed Cosmetologist.  Evan is married to Lauren Nichols Delancey.  Evan graduated from ASU in 2017 with his Bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences.  He now attends NYIT College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Delancey Funeral Home is still a family owned and operated business and we consider everyone who walks through our doors family.  We are here to help all families.